Les Grandes Orgues Cavaillé-Coll

Album Hommage à César Franck

A new CD recorded on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the death of César Franck.
The disc brings together the most famous pieces for organ and choir of César Franck recorded at the place of their composition: the Basilica of Ste Clotilde in Paris.
In this album, the listener can hear the 3 chorals for organ and some major choir works including the famous psalm 150 motet. In addition, the tribute includes two works of Stéphane Delplace for organ and choir (Lux aeterna and Tenebrae factae sunt).
The performers are Ensemble Basilica, a young Professional choir founded by Marc Korovitch (direction) and Olivier Penin (organist of the great organ of the Ste Clotilde).

CD Digipack, date de sortie 04/03/2016
Label : Bayard Musique
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Price: 20 euros
(Release date March, 3rd, 2016)

First CD of the great organ of Ste.Clotilde after the 2005-restoration/enlargement
This CD is a tribute of the current organiste titulaire, OLIVIER PENIN, to his famous predecessors, among which Cesar Franck, Charles Tournemire and Jean Langlais.
The organ of Ste.Clotilde was built in 1853-1859 by the famous organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll and modified and enlarged several times. In 2005, the organ builder Dargassies reconstructed the original symphonic character of the instrument, while keeping some of the neo-symphonic additions of 1932 and 1962 and adding another 10 stops, resulting in an instrument of 71 stops.
The CD, released by Festivo, is the first demonstrating this fine instrument after the restoration. It features works by Franck, Pierné, Ermend Bonnal, Tournemire, Duruflé, Langlais and Cogen.

Four stars! In the "choir and organ magazine" of May/June 2014: "As he recently appointed titular organist of the famous church of Sainte-Clotilde, Olivier Penin certainly has a rich heritage to draw on for this homage, with the remarkable lineage of Franck, Pierne, Tournemire, Durufle (temporarily), Bonnal, Langlais, and Pierre Cogan. Despite the attempts of the 2003 rebuild to restore the sounds of the original Cavaille Coll, the 'authentic' tonal palette of Cesar Franck is largely lost. However, Penin wants to encourage us to feel that the organ evolved along with the compositions of Tournemire and Langlais. For me, therefore, the20th century pieces are the most interesting and are recorded with lipid clarity, and played expertly." (Rupert Gough)

The CD can be bought at the secrétariat of the basilica (12 rue de Martignac) or at the concerts. Price: € 20.

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