Les Grandes Orgues Cavaillé-Coll

Pierre Moreau*: This instrument of 45 stops (sic) was certainly one of the most beautiful in Paris by the quality of its voices, and, moreover, the acoustics of the Basilica allowed to hear every detail that highlighted the personal way in which Charles Tournemire used it. In 1932, the organ was completely refurbished: a new console with five-octave keyboards and a pedal of thirty-two notes, replaced the former. In addition, some stops were added, because the organ of 1858-1859 had no cornet. Since its creation, the organ had been harmonised by Gabriel Reinburg, a fully recognised member of the Cavaillé-Coll firm, and Michel Metz, whose talent was rightly appreciated, did not changed the initial voicing in any way.

*Pierre Moreau Souvenirs. Charles Tournemire. L'orgue Cahiers et mémoires, 1989-1, nr 41.