The great organ Cavaillé-Coll

The Organ of Jacques Taddei

The most recent renovation (1999-2005) was conducted by Bernard Dargassies, under supervision of Jacques Taddei (the titulare at that time, who also raised the - private - funds) and Jean-Louis Coignet, Organ Advisor to the City of Paris.

According to Dargassies many of the harmonic-length pipes had been damaged and disfigured. The expression shutters of the Swell were rendered useless by a wall of pipes of the new Soubasse of the Pedal. The wind pressures had been "changed" over the years due to a variety of factors, due to insufficient maintenance and new regulator springs installed in 1962 that lost their tension over the years. The 1962 console barely missed being consumed by fire caused by hazardous electrical connections made over the years.

The works of Dargassies included:
Restauration of the pipes with as starting point a return to their original character.
Reharmonisation of the neo-baroque stops to obtain a homogeneous symphonic instrument.
Reconstruction of the wind supply (including the installation of new, large, double-fold bellows identical to the original and added in symmetry to guarantee a good wind supply) and original wind pressures.
Replacement of the noisy pneumatic motors and mechanical components .
Removal of the plywood deflecting panels above the buffet.

Changes in the composition:
- installing an additional windchest for the Positif at the place of the Soubasse (Pedal) in order to place 4 new stops (5-1/3, 3-1/5, 2-2/7 and an Unda maris) which could not hinder the sound of the Swell, while moving the Pedal Soubasse pipes away from the front of the Swell shades.
- Swell: + Cor de Nuit 8'; Clairon 2’ replaced by a Fifre 1’.

With a gift of the Fondation Bettencourt some additional works were realized:
- The mutations resulting from 16’
- A contrabombarde 32'
- A Trompette 8 en chamade (for the Swell, Great and Pedal), placed on the second gallery at the place of the old console
- Renovation of the console of 1962 and installing it at the first gallery, leaving the organ loft vacant - except for portraits of Franck, Tournemire and Langlais and the new chamades
- Installation of a new mobile console to let the public see the organist playing and to permit the performance of great symphonic works with the orchestra positioned around the console.

The choir organ was not restored and is currently out of service.